Packaging and arthritis

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Does anyone else get frustrated by over complicated packaging. Recently I was given my methotrexate tablets in a child safe tub. I apppreciate security for children is paramount. But it was somewhat ironic that I, as someone who’s hands are severely affected by RA are given tablets in a container that requires both strength and dexterity. This is just one example. Perhaps it is time for manufacturers to take the same approach as they do for say diabetics and supply appropriate packaged product range specifically for people with RA.


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    Hi @Johnbev Welcome to the Online Community.

    I see you are struggling with packaging and recently wee given your methotrexate tablets in a child proof container. Very frustrating isn't it? This subject does come up from time to time I am attaching a (very old) thread on the subject with some suggestions :

    I know some pharmacies do have a service whereby they put medications into sort of 'dosettes' to help people access their medications. This has the additional benefit of making sure we know if we miss a dose, but then some people can't manage blister packs.

    This site might be worth a quick look too:

    I will leave you now for our members to say hell and give you any tips they may have.

    Best wishes