Just saying hello to everyone - Also recommended by my Rheumatolgosit - would be nice to talk to others - all very new and overwhelming :)


  • Anna
    Anna Moderator Posts: 564

    Hello @Maria6382 and welcome to the online community,

    It's great to have you here, and I hope you will start to feel less overwhelmed when you have a look round the community forums and read about other members' experiences of living with arthritis, and how they are learning to cope. I'm sure you'll find that everyone is very friendly and supportive.

    You might like to take a look at the Versus Arthritis website page on arthritis - it discusses the different types of arthritis, treatments and there's also a useful section on self help.

    Do carry on posting with any questions you may have.

    Best wishes,

    Anna (Mod)

  • Arthuritis
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    hi @Maria6382 Welcome! I am recently diagnosed too, although niggling symptoms had been there for months slowly escalating and gathering pace. The important thing is to treat it early and hard so that you minimise joint damage, and have a better chance at remission. Are you on meds yet? It is a cheery supportive community of sufferers here, check out Val’s Cafe!

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