Continual pain of Arthritis

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Hello and thank you for allowing me to join the group

I was originally diagnosed with psoriatic Arthritis about 7 years ago even though I have only occasional very slight psoriasis during the diagnosis of psoriatic Arthritis I was put on methotrexate and steroid injections during flare ups which helped to a point but they had to keep upping the dose of methotrexate so I was taking of that.

I have extremely stiff joints especially in my knees to the point I actually can not walk around in the house for more than 7-8 minutes and I only have to sit for a few minutes and it’s like I totally seize up so it’s so painful to get up plus now as it’s like dragging pieces of wood behind me when I walk about 3 years ago they changed the diagnosis to fibromyalgia I was very confused by this and my joints just continued to get worse,in the past I have had all kinds of medication nothing worked or touched the pain except high dose steroids which worked well but it was a very high dose

I have osteoporosis in both knees and 3 months ago had a left knee replacement but unfortunately the pain and stiffness is still there I am doing my exercises going to Physo and am starting hydrotherapy next week to see if that will help as they say the knee was so bad and the muscle practically non existent but my other leg is also so stiff plus my arm and shoulders are extremely tender I also have spinal stenosis and have in the past had two back operations laminectomy and discetomy

I really am not normally a person to complain or have ever joined groups for help but it’s just that now I am at my lowest as I had hoped that the knee replacement would help even though in hindsight it would not help with the burning and stif joint pain but any relief would have been so welcome.

I suppose I am looking for some advice as I don’t know where to go from here as strong pain relief does not help I’m on low dose of steroids as they are very wary of giving them to me because of side effects I am 60 and am virtually housebound and feel such a burden to my husband who is amazing and I have a elderly mother who lives with us and she looks after me lol I call her my 90 yr old au pair she’s amazing if I could just get some relief from the stiffness and pain with a conclusive diagnosis but it seems there is such a lot of different things going on it’s like I’m on a wheel

I apologise if it seems like I’m moaning on but I feel surely there must be something that can be Done or do I at 60 just accept that I am to sit in the house in constant pain surely that can’t be right.


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    Hi @pauline0600

    Welcome to our online community and thank you very much for asking for our support.

    I see that you were originally diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis some years ago but more recently your diagnosis was changed to fibromyalgia. You have osteoporosis and recently had a left knee replacement. You also have spinal stenosis for which you have had two operations. Unfortunately you continue to get very significant pain in your knees and other joints, and the only truly effective pain relief you have had has been high-dose steroids but these are not sustainable long-term. You have been seeing a physiotherapist and have been given exercises and are about to start hydrotherapy.

    From what you say it sounds as if you have tried many different forms of pain relief and are looking for ideas of what you can do now. Many of us in this community have chronic pain and I'm sure that you will find a number of suggestions as to how to reduce pain and stiffness. And no, you aren't moaning, dealing with constant pain is wearing and debilitating and can leave you feeling worn-out and hopeless at times.

    This is a recent page from our website about a number of things you can do at home to help with pain (especially during the pandemic restrictions) -

    Here is a page from the NHS website that gives some hints on how to talk to your doctors about pain, it also provides links to some pain support groups and suggests that pain management programmes may be available and able to help -

    Don't forget to look after yourself! This page offers some time-tested advice about emotionally healthful activities.

    Thank you again for telling us about your circumstances - I encourage you to come back and let us know how you get on - hopefully the hydrotherapy will be the start of your journey to ease your pain.

    Very best wishes


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    Wow, what a lot you have had to cope with. No wonder you get fed up at times. I really hope that this group will be of some help to you, even if it’s just knowing that other people are reading your story and feeling empathy for you.