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Im Marty and i have ostioarthritis in both ankels, left knee and now i think my left hip is going.Have had very bad sleep last couple of nights,paracetamol not even touching the sides.


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    Hi @Marty

    It's good to hear from you, thank you very much for asking for support from our online community.

    You tell us that you have osteoarthritis in both ankles, your left knee and you think that your left hip may also be involved. You have slept very badly the last few nights despite taking paracetamol. You don't tell us whether you are receiving any active treatment for your arthritis or whether you are being cared for by a rheumatology department.

    It certainly sounds as if it would be helpful to talk to your GP about better pain relief, and about a referral to a rheumatologist (if you are not already seeing one).

    There are lots of ways to tackle pain in arthritis - here are some suggestions of things that you can do at home particularly while we still have pandemic restrictions -

    And this is our page about osteoarthritis -

    The Versus Arthritis website also has individual pages about arthritis of the foot & ankle, the knee, and the hip.

    Thanks once again for visiting our online community, we very much hope that you will find information and support here that helps you manage your arthritis. Please let us know how you are getting on, and come and visit us regularly.

    Very best wishes


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    Good morning further to my first post regarding poss hip ostioarthritis im now of the opinion that its my Sciatic nerve thats the problem,spent the night in a chair with a hot water botty.