Hip replacement at 22

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Hi everyone. My partner currently has psoriatic arthritis. Most days for me it is very painful to watch him go through the pain and torture of this horrible condition. He was diagnosed with arthritis at the young age of 19 and has currently had his hip replaced, fluid drained from knees, been on arcoxia, sulfasazaline, methotrexate tablets, methotrexate injections, and now he is on benapali biologics.

As you can imagine, his whole life had changed. He was a young man who into sports enjoyed socialising and doing things men at his age are suppose to do, but arthritis took all that away from him. Along with the pain, the tiredness and the emotional toll he deals with every day, he still gets up and fights. Some days are better than others, but as you can imagine, it's more good than bad. I don't find a lot of people at this age on these kinds of forums and was wondering if anyone had any insights. I think the hardest part is that people expect so much of him and say " ah you're young" which is the worst thing about it. Arthritis isn't an elderly condition, I am trying to get more awareness for him to show that he isn't alone.

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He has been working so hard on this to try and find people who are going through what he is, as standing together is better than standing alone ❤️


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    Hi @Christinag14 welcome to the Online Community.

    I understand your partner has a diagnosis of Psoriatic Arthritis at a young age, has had a hip replacement and is undergoing a course of treatments. This has naturally been a life-changing issue.

    Our web site has some really good pages that may be of some help, including accounts of experiences such as Siobhan's Story on our page about Psoriatic Arthritis:

    Do join in across the Community, give advice and support and to call in for a chat to say how he is getting on.

    All best wishes


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