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What does it mean if my CRP is 0.8 mg/L. I keep reading it should be under 5. But does that mean it should be under 0.5?

is a CRP 0.8 mg/L high?


  • Hi@Lizzyloo48

    We are not qualified to discuss someone's blood results I'm afraid. This is something which is better discussed with a health care professional. If possible can you ask one of the rheumatology nurses to talk it through with you?

    I wouldn't be supposed to say something like 'that may be a low result' even if it were.

    Some people with some inflammatory types of arthritis can have a 'sero negative' type which may not show up very well in their routine blood tests - so for them getting low results does not mean that all is well - which is why scans like ultrasound can help to spot the inflammation, if the bloods seem normal (and if someone were feeling flared up).

    I don't know what kind of arthritis you are affected by - would you like us to send you some information? If so, do email us, or ring 0800 5200520 and we'd be happy to help.

    Investigations | Healthcare Professionals (

    (This information is aimed at healthcare professionals, though it's in fact quite straightforward and mentions some of the points relevant to your enquiry) if you'd like a chat about the information, do please give us a ring and we'll be happy to help.

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