Knee braces


I wanted to find out what peoples feelings are about wearing a brace. I saw a physio sometime ago who said they were not always helpful as this does not help in retaining muscle. However my left knee is particularly painful and i wondered if moving around without support is doing it any good and in fact making it worse. If it was more immobile it would not be doing any damage?

I would go back to the physio but access due to covid at present is not easy. So I thought I would seek advice//experiences from the forum.

I have osteoarthritis.



  • N1gel
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    I've worn a medi knee brace for hyperextension of the knee for over 10 years, I've not experienced any muscle loss and it's kept me mobile - having said that I don't know your circumstances.

    A support bandage might be a good compromise? there's a very good bamboo version out there at the moment one of which I use on my OA elbow.

    I wouldn't buy a proper knee brace without advice tho' - some of them are a waste of money.

  • Cimca
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    Thanks for the response Nigel. Yes a lot of knee braces are rubbish, I have a drawer full! A support bandage might be a good compromise. I'm very aware that I need to keep mobile and retain muscle, so definitely worth a try.

  • wazz42
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    I have wondered about this too. I have heard from a few different sources that some people have had knee braces fitted by the NHS, so I think I will try that route. It would be nice to stop using a stick - they do nothing to help arthritis in hands/shoulders etc

    Let me know how you get on!


  • stickywicket
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    Both before my TKRs and much later when they were coming to the end of their natural lives, I've worn neoprene knee supports for brief periods ie when traipsing round the supermarket or doing something really demanding on them. Once home, I did the knee exercises. I think it's fine to support them for brief, tricky periods but not to invite muscle wastage by wearing them too much.

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  • sunnyside2
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    I have one supplied by physio. I think its best to go with one advised by physio as wrong one could do more harm then good. Mine was measured for and she picked out the one she felt would be correct for my problem and body shape- its hinged and has adjustable straps to keep fit spot on. I had tried an over the counter one previous and it kept rolling down and was not helpful so complete waste of money

  • Coffeecup
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    @sunnyside2 , does your brace help? I’m getting an off loader brace next week, ugly looking thing, but anything for some relief I suppose.

    @Cimca , I’ve tried all sorts of supports from Amazon, none of them did much apart from cost me money. I think we are so desperate for pain relief we try anything!

  • sunnyside2
    sunnyside2 Member Posts: 131

    yes mine helps. I do not use it all the time but when knee very bad-and keeps trying to subluxate it holds everything together and gives a fair bit of relief. ugly as hell but I am past caring provided it helps!

  • Leanne48
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    I've tried a few braces but haven't found one that actually helps. I'm still on the lookout for one that helps.

  • Blueskyday68
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    I wear a knee brace but only when I go out I feel I need more support then I don't wear them all the time I'm as they can cause muscle wastage so I have been told I don't know if this is true or not but I do need strengthening exercises and range of flexibility exercises everyday so try and embrace and see how you get on if you've got a physiotherapist see what they have to say j-hope this helps