Pain killers


What over the counter pain killers work best for Ostioarthritis?


  • Mike1
    Mike1 Member Posts: 1,992

    In my experience - NONE! Over the years I have tried practically every supposed pain killer out there, both over the counter and prescribed and have now been on Morphine for about 8 years. No pain killer, even morphine, gets rid of the pain they just merely knock the edge off.

  • sunnyside2
    sunnyside2 Member Posts: 131

    Its best to get advise off the pharmacy-and have the list of whatever other drugs you have to take so they can ensure no adverse interactions.

    for many a careful single or combination of pain meds can work well. It really is best to get pharmacy advice though and then if over the counter drugs do not work out ask your doctor for a referral to pain clinic.

    alternatives can help too- chilli cream to distract the mind from pain, tens machines do the same and tricks like heat packs or ice packs.

    for some it is not fixable and that is a lousy position to be in but most can be helped- first stop should be pharmacy