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Hello everyone. I have osteoporosis in my hip and I’m waiting for a full replacement. Until recently I was doing exercises 2-3 times a week including swimming and pool exercises. However I’m plagued with really bad pain in my leg especially in my knee, calf down to my foot which goes numb or I have pins and needles in it. The pain is so bad I’m having to hit it with extra morphine on top of what I already take. I cannot describe the pain only that it’s so bad I could cry. Is this normal for someone waiting for this type of surgery? Any suggestions very welcome please.



  • I also have arthritis in my hips and get horrendous pain in my upper leg and knee especially on the left side. This is referred pain from the hip. I am now waiting for a left hip replacement with the right hip being done 6 weeks after the first one. I know exactly what you mean about the pain it’s reduced me to tears on many occasions, even painkillers don’t seem to help. I use a walking stick most of the time which seems to help but I think it’s only surgery now that will make things better

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    Thankyou Pollyanna321,

    i haven’t heard of that before, but at least I know I’m not alone. I hope your wait won’t be too long and then you’ll know it’s not long until your next one. I’m hoping my swimming/water exercises will help. Thankyou for your comments and good luck with everything.


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    Hi @AnnR , before my hip replacement I used to get awful referred pains in the rest of my leg, specially in my knee and down my shin, used to make me yelp when it came on suddenly from nowhere. It might be worth having a word with a physio to see if the swimming is aggravating it. I’m pleased to say all that stopped after my hip replacement

  • Hi AnnR

    Thank you for your posting on the forum. I am so sorry to hear that you are in so much pain with your hip. I have noticed that you have said that you have osteoporosis. I wonder if you mean osteoarthritis which is a different condition and I have based this response on managing osteoarthritis. I understand that it can be very frustrating when you are waiting for surgery and you are in so much pain. It sounds like you have been doing really well until recently with your exercises. I wonder if you could speak to your GP about the pain you are experiencing and for further advice about pain relief. Also, seeing a physiotherapist may be helpful if you have not already done so in order that they can advise you about appropriate exercise. Your GP should be able to advise you about a referral.


    I have put links below about osteoarthritis of the hip which gives information about managing this condition. We also have information on managing pain in the hip on our website that I have also put in a link in for you. There are a number of ways that may help reduce the strain on your hips,  keeping an eye on your weight, Pacing your activities, breaking the harder activities you do into small chunks, wearing shoes with thick soles to absorb some of the impact when you are walking, using a walking stick to reduce the stress on your hip. There is further information in the links below.


    Osteoarthritis (OA) of the hip

    Hip Pain


    I hope this information is helpful.

    If you would like to talk things through with one of our helpline team you are very welcome to call us. Our helpline contact number is 0800 5200 520, Monday – Friday, 9am – 6pm.

    Best Wishes


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    I would get a medical opinion on your leg, calf pain can sometimes be a blood clot. It probably is not but really best to get someone to take a look at it

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    Thankyou sunnyside2. I have now seen the GP who thought it may be linked to my back problem, and that is being followed up. I really appreciated all your comments, it makes you feel less alone and other people have similar problems. It all helps.


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    I too have pain down my left leg which shoots when I walk down stairs in particular. I have arthritis of the knees too but left knee is the worst.

    I assumed it was arthritis in my left hip as X-rays have shown degeneration of both hips, knees and lower back. However a phone consultation with a physio form the musculoskeletal team judged it to originate in my back, not my hip.

    Find being diagnosed by phone very frustrating as it’s hard to describe what’s going on and much easier to point to the affected areas. However I am expecting a face to face soon as I am being given an injection in my left knee so will ask about the leg pain again then.

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    Hi nicholaj, I do agree with you that these telephone consultations are frustrating. How anyone can do an examination over the phone.. I think some of my pain could be related to my back. I’ve had long term problems with my back and surgery so it wouldn’t surprise me. Thankyou for your comments.