Anyone else have multiple health issues on top of arthritis?


Wanted to connect with others’ who have many health issues on top of arthritis. How do you manage? Any tips?


  • duffer
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    Well at the risk of being boring or moaning, yes, other problems as well as knee and hip arthritis - suspected neck problems but no diagnosis - I have a private physio visiting 31 Jan - possibly this or that according to the gp but no response to my self-referral to NHS physio. As a result of panic attacks, fearing Vertigo when I get up every time I go to bed so I'm not sleeping. On top of that the gp prescribed Mirtazapine which made me feel absolutely dreadful causing edema and eye problems. I refused to take it any more but still have the edema and spend each morning hoping to get rid of the excess fluid - on day 14 of that med. Absolutely fed up with meds as they all have side effects and being alone can be frightening. On the positive side we can look forward to Spring, sunshine and keep hoping for things to turn around! They will! Duffer.

  • scotleag
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    I've got a few

    Epilepsy 1966

    Rheumatoid Arthritis 1994

    Glaucoma 2000

    Migraine 2008

  • Mike1
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    Yep! Other than OA in practically every joint I have Degenerative facet joint disease; 2 compressed discs lower spine; detached disc in neck; ocular hypertension; sciatica; brachialgia; high blood pressure; high cholesterol; sleep apnoea; anxiety/depression; fibromyalgia. I have no real tips on coping as I consider that I am surviving rather than living.

  • duffer
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    Mike! we should not just be surviving - it's unfair and undeserved - thank goodness for this website so we can share our problems. It's just unbelievable to me that there is so much suffering about both physically and mentally. The latter one applies to me I just need to feel I'm still of use and still a person who has a lot to offer. All CBT therapy etc. tells me to get out, go for a walk, swim, join a club and so on - well I can't! Housebound and so fearful of falling and bearing the cost of carers .......... BUT........we are being listened to and something will come up I'm sure and an answer to folks like us. My silly osteo, vertigo and panic attacks are so stupid and selfish. Would so love to find some way of helping others. Duffer.

  • stickywicket
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    You are helping others, @duffer by coming on here, listening and being kind. That takes some effort when one is not at all well oneself.

    Yes, like many on here, I have a motley collection of medical problems - RA, OA, asthma, hiatus hernia, GORD, high BP. I cope by:

    *taking all essential meds, as few as possible of non-essential ones and not missing any medical appts or calls

    *eating healthily, not smoking, drinking far too little wine

    *exercising as much as possible (Today's will be using the rollator to get from the car park to my orthopaedics appt.)

    *being useful to others

    *always ensuring much laughter every day

    *getting engrossed in stuff that makes me forget pain etc

    I know I am extremely fortunate to have a good husband and sons who visit / WhatsApp very regularly but my coping strategies are, for the most part, freely available.

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