I have just joined in the hope of sharing my and others experiences in dealing with artrhitisis

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I am 86 years old and have led an active life as a working farmer. I first started suffering about six years ago with as total collapse of the bones in my left wrist. After an initial discussion with my doctor, I received various treatments including injections and an operation to remove nerves.

The latter proved a complete waste of time and the surgeon was not prepared to carry out further surgery.

I was then put onto prolonged pain killers this made me feel very confused and had side effects including the loss of the ability to write clearly.

I was then referred to a consultant who diagnosed me as having Parkinsonism.  Since then another surgeon agreed to operate on my wrist providing fusion. This was a major breakthrough and life became bearable again.

I have also had a replacement knee about six months ago this has also helped but it took three months  to bring any reward after a good deal of pain and the inability of being to sleep in a bed.

Now however it as much more comfortable but the ankle is now causing pain it is rather swollen.

Going back to the long term pain killers the biggest problem that they caused was constipation so much so that I was unable to take any pain relieve for the recovery of my knee surgery.

Fortunately by refraining from any pain killers my bowel movement are now normal but I am now afraid to take any pain relief tablets.

The two long term medications that I was given was a Butec pain patch, followed by Gabapentin 300 mg twice daily. The latter seemed to turn me into some sort of a zombie and I was pleased to get off of them.          😉