Arthritis and depression.

Hi everyone. I have just been offered hydrocortisone injections in both knees but I have read that if you also suffer with depression you are not eligible because of side effects. Does anyone know if this is the case. I really need something for the pain so was hoping on the injections.


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    Hi @AnneB53 welcome to the Online Community

    I understand you have been offered a course of hydrocortisone injections to help with knee pain. This is a direct injection into the joint and so is less likely to travel through the rest of your body. That means, it's less likely to cause side effects.

    However, there is a chance of this happening by it getting into your blood stream. Hydrocortisone can have serious side-effects which some people experience, including strong mood swings and bad depression. It is this that gives rise to the restriction on those who have already been treated for clinical depression.

    It would be a really good idea to discuss the offer of injections with your GP who has access to your past treatment and you can talk about how suitable it is for your circumstances.

    You can read all the information about hydrocortisone injections on the NHS web site:

    Do join in across the Community, ask questions and give advice. Please do let us know how you get on and what you have decided to do. You will be most welcome.

    Best wishes


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    This didn’t put off my surgeon, who knew I was on anti-depressants. I even queried it with him. I had no ill effects (no good effects either, sadly) but that’s not to say you wouldn’t be adversely affected. Speak with your GP and your surgeon before proceeding.

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    I've had depression for years, did not stop them giving me steroid injections--and its amazing how less painful knees help with depression so go get them!

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    I am on anti depressants. Have had a steroid injection for a frozen shoulder, marvellous and didn’t affect my depression at all. Just happy as less pain. Had them one in my knee, which didn’t make any difference to my knee or my depression, so nothing lost, nothing gained.

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