Hard to tell friends

Hi guys,

I’m in my 30’s and finally diagnosed with, I find it so hard to tell my friends and often feel lonely due to the pain, as it’s to hard to describe, but it’s a relief to hear you guys completely understand. If anyone ever fancies meeting up for a coffee ☕️ Or having a chat on here, it would be great ❤️I’m based in central london and am a makeup artist. I love film, fashion and art 🤓xx


  • Hi @Bea371

    It's lovely to hear from you. I'm in my 30s too and completely understand how you feel. It's not easy for some people to be open and honest- even to your closest friends or family. I myself was first diagnosed aged 6 but only confided in my friends a couple of years ago after coming across this site and chatting on here. The silly thing is, I had worked with my closest friends for 5 years, struggling for no reason, and they have been the most supportive people ever. Have you tried maybe just sending a text message to your friends explaining some of your current situation if you're not comfortable in speaking face to face?

    You don't mention what your diagnosis is, but we have lots of information and support here covering a wide range of topics. Here is a link to some generic arthritis info for now:

    You could always send your friends a link to some information too if you feel that it would help you to explain, or them to understand what you are going through. I think sometimes people have a fear of what others may think when they confide because there always seems to be a bit of a stigma attached to arthritis (in my experience) but rest assured that you will be pleasantly surprised at the care and support that your friends show you.

    You can always chat to us here too, we are a very friendly bunch with a range of experiences that we are willing to share. Please take care,


  • Arthuritis
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    @Bea371 Completely understand what you mean. Friends can be incredibly supportive, but some find it scary to come to terms with, as it flags up their own vulnerability to something that can afflict anyone.

    I tend to have zero expectations so invariably pleasantly surprised by the majority who are supportive and caring, but not upset by those that decide its too scary and become distant. It is scary so I can’t judge them for a perfectly natural reaction.

    We have plenty of brave friends here. ☺️

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    Hi Bea

    I understand how you feel too because in my family i'm the only one who has it and trying to tell my friends I usually end up them feeling sorry for me doesn't help I am a few years older than them but with both my knees affected sometimes I feel older than what I am Also my husbands family there is no one who knows what i'm going through so when I don't join in with their sporty games i'm classed as lazy but they don't understand and they wouldn't listen or care anyway I joined this group to talk to people with arthritis like me and it helps 😁

  • Bea371
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    You sound amazing Stacey, it’s so hard to try and explain to people, I’m always here if you just want to write down your pain! I completely understand, it’s so hard to join when the pain is so bad! I feel relieved to find this group 💖💖💖