'Distance Aware' Scotland Badge/Lanyard

From https://www.gov.scot/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-distance-aware-scheme/

"Distance Aware badges and lanyards are for anyone who prefers others to take extra care around them, for any reason.

You might be worried about mixing with others as we adapt to living with the virus, or you might just feel more comfortable when you have more room.

The Distance Aware scheme was first developed by the Bevan Commission for Wales. We have worked with the Commission to adopt the scheme and adapt it for Scotland."

Get a badge or lanyard

Free from libraries and Asda stores

You can pick up a free Distance Aware badge or lanyard from all libraries across Scotland. Free badges are also available in most Asda stores.

Order online

You can also order a badge or lanyard online. Find a list of charities to order from on the Bevan Commission Website.

Some of these charities charge a small fee for a badge or lanyard.

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