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I am 56 yrs old and have worked all my life, never had a warning or bad sickness record.

I have recently started to struggle a bit at work and have had two sickness absences due to my osteoarthritus, both occasions I have had medical letters to show hospital visits and outcome,

I decided to ask my employer to help me and make some changes to my role which after a lot of letters and two visits to there occupational health they decided to implement some changes and said they would review them ( They did not )

Even though the changes were supposed to be in place there would be instances where I would be reverted back to carrying out my full role ( When some one went sick )

One week I turned up to work and was told I had my run changed as some one phoned in sick ( I drive and deliver Medication to people who suffer with long term illness like Arthritus ) this happened three days in a row and by the forth day I was trashed no steam left in me aching all over and ended up sick for a month.

On return to work I get disciplined and given a written warning.

But here are a few comments a manager who has never seen me has wrote in my letter.

"You have requested adjustments to your role and I acknowledge the second OH report recommends permanent adjustments.

However as an experienced transport supervisor, I'm familiar familiar with the nature of the patient services role and the way how deliveries are arranged, On this basis I'm of the view that these adjustments can be fully accommodated in this role on a long term perspective. I believe that

1: Planning routes with adjustments imposes a significant strain on the transport planning team and the whole operation as a whole.

2: Routes with adjustments by removing deliveries with heavy items are not cost effective long term, as they would require additional resources to cover all deliveries to our patients in a timely manner and without a negative impact on services we are providing.

3: Furthermore these adjustments on a long term basis would not be practicable as transport planners would not be able to cut out all deliveries with heavy items ( They just do it my making adjustments in the computer system, Terry's words )

Are they allowed to say things like this ?

It has made me feel like I am worthless, all I am trying to do is stay in employment, many people have suggested I just come out of work but that is not me, I am a worker.

I asked to park my car in the blue badge bay and was told I would have to move any company vans off it each morning and then dig my car back when I return to work at end of day,

so move two vans before I can park my car and on return move one van that will block my car in each day.

It creates extra walking each morning and evening which is the reason I should park there in the first place to prevent me walking distances.

They will not make the bays available they use them to park company vans on

It looks like they are going to discipline me for any thing to get shut of me.


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    Hi @Terry

    Have answered and welcomed you on Hello.

    All the best Christine

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    Thanks for your post to the Helpline. I'm so sorry to hear about your dreadful experience with your employer. I don't know if you are a union member, but if you are, contact them immediately. Alternatively you might seek advice from Citizens Advice.

    An employment specialist can help you judge if your help thus far is in any way meeting the spirit of 'reasonable' adjustments.

    A first step might involve going to a more senior manager (or HR) and challenging the response you've had thus far. An employer may be sufficiently concerned about bad publicity to be more thoughtful.

    Work | Support, commuting and self-help | Versus Arthritis

    I'd suggest you look at the ACAS pages on Reasonable Adjustments.

    What reasonable adjustments are: Reasonable adjustments - Acas

    Do please ring us if you'd like a chat. Our freephone is 0800 5200 520.

    all the best


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    Oh dear how awful for you. How is it going? I have a meeting tomorrow. I know they will make the " reasonable adjustments" for me to return ( i am an SLA in a Nursery) but i also know once im back i will be back into the old role. I went for a visit and was left with a group of 12 kids age 3/5 eating lunches and i cant luft their milk jugs or bend to the level of the small tables.

    This is diabolical treating you like this! You should look up the Disability Act or The Equality act!

    Hope your getting on better now❤🙏

    Julie x