Blood Pressure



Does anyone have ideas on the link between blood pressure and pain?

Will reducing pain by taking pain relief, also reduce blood pressure.




  • Hello @Tenby, welcome to the online community! It's lovely to have you here.

    Would you feel comfortable sharing what condition you are living with, or how arthritis has touched your life?

    There is some evidence that pain can increase blood pressure in the short term, but I think this is a question for your doctor. It might also be worth noting that some medicines can have different effects on blood pressure anyway, independent of pain, and there could also be other medical reasons causing high blood pressure. Perhaps other members will have experience of this specifically though.

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  • MollyMay
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    I have just been diagnosed with high blood pressure. I am in a lot of pain and not able to exercise as i used to do. I am trying each day to move and do exercise at home. I was taking Naprxen which i believe can cause high blood pressure too.

    I was put on medication for my blood pressure and it dropped back to normal within three days.

    Since coming off naproxen my pain has got much worse.

    Would value opinions as to what to do next

    im taking paracetamol and codeine for pain.