Books that have helped


My neighbour has lent me this book,  'The Pain Relief Handbook: Self-help Methods for Managing Pain' by Chris Wells and Graham Nown. He has a very similar spinal issue to me and he says that it's really helping his back. I've only got a little way reading this, because (ironically) sitting still reading causes more pain. But it does seem to be a good book in that it says that there is a sort of relay between the painful body part and the brain, and if you can sort of stall the relay when it gets to the brain and sometimes prevent the pain getting worse.

It's easy to say these things, as pain makes you really down. I for example have had a not-so-bad day pain-wise, but suddenly I am in lots of pain and have needed to take a co-codamol. But I think that if I have some literature about pain and chronic illness, I at least know the beast that I am dealing with a little bit better. What books have you guys read and found helpful? I am looking for other ones to try!

Miranda x