Confused by different views


I joined this lovely group some weeks ago and read the new posts and answers when I can. I see a number of time that people say ‘the deterioration’ gets worse over time which worries me.

When I spoke to a physio from the MSK clinic the other week he said that was not necessarily the case and that I would not do my self further damage by using the affected joints even if it does hurt. He advised me to take it easy with walking and not push myself but I felt very reassured by him re the future.

Now I’m scared again that the pain in my left hip and knee are just going to get worse and worse.


  • MollyMay
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    my advise is to keep moving. I had my first x ray in 2009 showing AO in both hips. I continued with walking gym and all activities. I now need a hip replace at age 69 but it only recently got worse. I’m still trying now to exercise ready for the op so i can strengthen muscles ready. Its very painful but moving is always the key answer to AO. Leons exersices on here are good too. good luck and keep moving while you can.

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    I agree, the rate of deterioration is very unpredictable. My left hip was merrily wearing away for at least 15 years without me even being aware of it till a tumble and ensuing pain sent me to xray, by which time the hip was at the stage of needing replacing. My other hip shows moderate OA, but is currently painless. I asked my surgeon how long I had on it, and he said it's possible it may never need replacing. So I've decided to ignore it and get on with life. In your position I would do whatever you can within tolerable pain levels, rather than put your life on hold. Meanwhile, exercise the muscles that support your hip as best you can, including dailiy activities like walking, yoga, pilates, running (if you can), whatever keeps you fit, as it will aid your recovery post op and may stave off some of the bone deterioration.

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    Hi @nicholaj

    Welcome to the forum it is all rather confusing I was told I have degenerative disc disease but then was told wear and tear in spine and most of my joints as I saw it degeneration means it won’t get better wear and tear is age related and pressure on joints one said excercise one said don’t do too much or carry anything heavy my head spun and still does albeit creaked a lot 😊

    Do as much as pain allows is now what I do and I listen to my body one physio who was in his late 20s said oh it can’t be that bad so I replied is your advice from experience or just your opinion I used to be the same in my late 20s but now I know and so will he if as he says it’s wear and tear

    It’s all learning as every day is different

    take care 😊