Car issue

Have arthritis throughout.

Had a knee replacement and should have had first hip replacement but due to chest issue it's now mid feb .

Struggling with car. I cannot get in and out unless door is wide open doe to agony of hips etc. Struggle walking.

After op need to do the routine to get in and out of car.....but legs long and cannot get in our car without bending knee above hip. I put thick cushion in but still no better.

Any suggestions especially alternative transport ideas to get back from hospital 20 mile trip


  • Jona
    Jona Member Posts: 406

    Hi, if you google in car mobility aids they have things like swivel seats and arms you can put into the door to help

  • RogerBill
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    After my hip replacement operation the technique I used was to move the seat right back, recline the back of the seat to about 45 degrees or even flatter, use a large plastic carrier bag on the seat to help swivelling around. Once in adjust the backrest up so you can safely use the seat belt. You do need the door wide open and for the car not to be next to a raised kerb (even better if it's by a dip in the road) so choosing a parking spot can be a trial! I didn't need help lifting my operated leg but I know some do either ask someone to help or use a belt or similar under your thigh. I practiced before my operation and in the event found it was less of a problem than I'd feared.

    If the above doesn't work for you, I guess the best alternative would be a taxi service with appropriate vehicles. Within six weeks of the operation you should be getting more flexible. I believe doing the recommended exercises before and after the operation will help enormously.