Could it be a stomach ulcer?

I recently went through a 18 month flare up after having a baby and was on various cocktails of meds to try to get it under control until finally getting onto biologics which helped massively thank god!

The past few weeks I have had crazy heartburn and then over the weekend developed a pain at the top middle of my stomach and obviously I’ve consulted with doctor google and I’m convinced it’s a stomach ulcer! During my flare I had been taking prednisone during the day and also celecoxib at night so GP had advised to take omeprazole twice a day as well as both meds can be very hard on the stomach! Could this have caused my stomach issues?

I feel like I already pester the GP almost every week about something for me or my kids and I’m worried I’m turning into a hypochondriac or that’s what they are going to think!


  • Ellen
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    I know you feel as though you have needed the services of a GP a lot recently and don't want to be labelled as a nuisance, but this really is something you ought to just get checked out.

    When my own children were small I was at the Drs all the time too - I think they expect it and won't be judging you.

    Do let us know how you get on.

    Best wishes


  • Tish87
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    Rang the GP and they said it could be a possibility, so said to go back to taking 2 omeprazole each day for 2 weeks and then one daily from then on and obviously if things get worse and I vomit blood etc then straight to A&E. she also said that although methotrexate isn’t as hard on the stomach as prednisone and celecoxib it can still cause heartburn etc so to just keep up with the omeprazole. Hopefully it keeps it all at bay :)

  • Arthuritis
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    @Tish87 I had something similar a month ago. GP prescribed lansoprazole (ppi) 30mg setting aside my usual omeprazole (also ppi) saying I needed to get the ulcer under control quickly and lansoprazole was better at it.

    In addition also prescribed carbonate to be taken after meals as an instant acid neutraliser (not to be taken at the same time as a PPI).

    I am ok now, but I feel for you, stomach ulcers are serious owie time! Avoided anything with rough fibre for 2 weeks. boiled Sweet taters and quaker oats were my staple during that period. No fried stuff as the oil makes heartburn worse.