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I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis 7ish years ago (pain much longer prior to diagnosis….took a while to get there because “AS is unlikely in young women” 🙃 ). I was put on biologic injections pretty much straight away and they worked miracles for me but I’ve had to come off one and change to another….a process which has so far taken 6 months.

So here I am, 6 months with no medication, unable to take painkillers because even the ones that are gentle on your stomach have absolutely destroyed my stomach lining. Finding myself very low and at my wits end with it all. Thought I’d come here to find some like-minded people.

so…hello 👋


  • Ellen
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    Hello @Fran14 Welcome to the versus arthritis online Community.

    I see from your post that you have Ankylosing Spondylitis, (AS), but are without any medication at all while changing from one Biologic to another. I am not at all surprised that you are feeling at your wits end being unable to take any form of pain relief at all.

    While you are waiting for some of our members to come along and offer their support I am attaching a couple of links which you might find useful:

    The section about living with the condition particularly.

    The one above has a good section about self help.

    Best wishes and please do look around the forum and join in wherever you feel comfortable.

    Best wishes


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    Gosh @Fran

    That sounds pretty awful I am so sorry I hope your new meds can start soon??

    Can you not even have a depot steroid jab?


    Take care

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    Hello! @frogmorton Thanks for your reply. Happy to say I’m starting my biologic injections this week :) so I’m feeling much more positive.

    I was able to get a steroid injection last November but it didn’t do anything for me unfortunately.

    since posting Ive managed to find a chiropractor who’s had experience treating people with AS and so far seems to be working 🤞🏻 Pain isn’t gone but is greatly reduced. An expensive private treatment but hopefully short term once the biologics kick in!!

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    Hello @Fran14

    What a shame your depot didn't do much for you. Some people are better on oral prednisone to be fair.

    Well done taking things into your own hands and finding a good chiro. I had a great one years ago and haven't been able to replace her, but all is reasonably well for me so no immediate need. I few in this village pay a private physio so he would be my plan B!

    Best of luck with your new biologic I really hope it helps you loads ((()))

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    Hi @Fran14 do let us know how you get on with the new biologic. Being without medication because you have had to change must be terrible. Be good to hear how things turn out.