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Hi everyone, wanted to introduce myself and ask if anyone has had the same procedure I have had recently!

I'm 62 and have had spinal problems for over 30 years with disc degenerative disease. Had 4 disc replacements in lumbar and cervical areas 10 years ago which were quite successful. However, I wasn't making enough progress and was then diagnosed with extensive osteoarthritis in more or less every joint about 8 years ago. Usual struggle as for everyone with pain, lack of mobility, struggles with getting painkilling medications balanced with brain fog etc!!

Wanted to ask has anyone had radiofrequency nerve ablation to degenerative sacroiliac joint? Had to have it done privately as was told I would be unable to see a spinal consultant on NHS at the moment, due to covid and hence backlogs, or would be a long wait. Was wondering if successful and if so how long for?

Thank you for accepting me and reading.



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    Hello @Gilly94,

    It’s great to welcome to the online community - I’m sure that after 30 years of living with degenerative disc disease and other conditions, you will be able to support and advise other members in the community who are just beginning their journey with arthritis, so please have a look round the forum and join in wherever you feel comfortable.

    There are a few NHS trust websites that explain radio frequency nerve ablation, but they are generally information sheets produced by individual Hospital Trusts. You can read about the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital procedure here: - although it is specific to the ROH, it does give some useful information about the procedure, benefits and side effects.

    It will be interesting to read if other members have experience of this procedure and can respond to your questions.

    Best wishes, and I look forward to reading your future posts,

    Anna ( Mod)

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    Hi Anna,

    Thank you for accepting me to the forum and for the link to the ROH information leaflet on Radiofrequency ablation.

    I will certainly try to help if possible when a bit further on in my recovery though I have found there is a massive lack of new treatments for OA. As my Orthopaedic surgeon for over 12years says: there is a massive lack of funding and I am bound to agree. I really don't think people in general have any understanding of how debilitating the condition is. But we live in hope!