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Hi everyone

I have a recent diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis and osteo arthritis, so hoping to find the online community useful


  • Anna
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    Hello @PatG and welcome to the online community,

    You’ve been diagnosed with psoriatic and osteoarthritis and I am sure that you will find this community useful. You’ll find that our members are happy to share the benefit of their experiences living with arthritis, so please feel feel free to post any questions you may have, or browse the forum to see what others have already written. If you type psoriatic arthritis or osteoarthritis in the search bar in the right hand corner, you’ll see some other posts where members discuss both types of arthritis.

    If you want to find out more about your conditions, I’ve posted a link below from the Versus Arthritis website where you can again search for more information, including symptoms, treatment and some ideas for self-help:

    Best wishes,

    Anna ( Mod)

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  • kitcat
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    Hi everyone

    I am recently diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis in both thumb joints and hope to find the online community a source of help and inspiration!

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    Hi @kitcat firstly let me welcome you to the forum I hope you find the information and support you are after from our wonderful community.

    I can see from your post that you have recently had an Osteoarthritis diagnosis within your thumbs.

    The site is full of information and conversations like the one you have commented too. I wanted to signpost you to some links around hand Osteoarthritis and also how to manage hand pain.

    Please feel free to search the forum for others with similar experiences and I am sure that some of our community will be able to help offer some useful suggestions.

    Take care and I hope you feel better soon.