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I hope to find people to whom I can relate to regarding my RA, arthritis and HS


  • Tom
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    Welcome to the Community. @Cinnamon

    I see that you have RA and HS and are looking for others for support and help. Here is a link to information on our website.

    I have been unable to find any information on HS there, but if you not already found it, the NHS has pages that deal with symptoms causes and treatments.

    I hope you can find help from the Community, but as a general rule, the more you share the more will come back.

    Tom, Moderator.

  • wazz42
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    Hi @Cinnamon

    It's hard to find info on HS, my d-i-l has it too, there is one forum I think, if you send me a PM (personal message) I can find the link if that would help.

    We can give help on some of the symptoms because they overlap with arthritis so pain, fatigue, exercise etc are all areas we can share information, why don't you tell us just a bit about your journey with RA, are you struggling with anything in particular at the moment? Or if you just need to say how you are feeling, that's fine too, it's hard for family and friends to fully understand but we do.