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Hello…I posted below that having felt much invigorated by my first attempt at Pilates yesterday I am in considerably pain today mainly at the top of my legs but also across my shoulders. I wondered if this should be expected having possibly used muscles in a different way or should I deter from such exercise in the future? Very fed up


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    Keep at it. Trouble is, it's difficult to know what hurts until you try it, but if you don't try you'll never make any progress - at least that's what I keep telling myself. Have a bit of a rest and then go back to the pilates but maybe don't do quite as much this time. I did both yoga and pilates before diagnosis and still do what I can now. You just have to adapt and listen to your body. When l had my physio appointment, she said things would be a lot worse if I hadn't tried to keep going. Don't be too hard on yourself and try not to get too fed up. Easier said than done, I know!

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    I used to have one to one sessions with a Pilates instructor which was much more expensive than joining a class but it had the benefit that she adjusted the exercises to suit my capability and I found it very helpful. However after 9 months she refused to carry on with me as she could hear my bones crunching together as my OA progressed and she did not want to be held responsible for anything, not that I would ever have accused her. Anyway, since then 3 physios and a Consultant have told me that I am too far gone for any exercise to be of benefit so I make do with getting dressed and hobbling to the kitchen for a brew!

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    Pilates both strengthens muscles and improves flexibility. This will result in some discomfort for a day or two after (oddly, usually on day 2). If it wears off after that time i’d say carry on, it’s fairly normal, but if it’s causing inflammation in the joints, or if you get sharp pains during the class, best talk it over with your instructor. They may be able to modify the moves for you. Or see if you can find a beginners class, or “gentle pilates” (which is what I went to). I really miss my pilates classes, haven’t been able to go since my hip surgery, but hoping to get back there eventually, as it really made a difference.

    ps - sorry just noted in your other post that it is a banners class you’re attending. Have a word with your instructor and ask if there are different movements you can do. We had a lady in our class who was waiting for knee surgery and our instructor gave her versions of some exercises she could do standing instead of kneeling.