knee worries

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A bit of back story: Was diagnosed with oligoarthritis (basically inflammatory arthritis in the knees) in October and a steroid injection seemed to sort them out. Had always been very active so was referred to a physio in January who has given me exercises to strengthen hip/glute muscles. I've not been started on any medication as it isn't behaving like 'typical' RA.

Since Monday, my knees have been feeling 'odd' and I know I have lost some movement in the joint and need to use a hand to push up from sitting. In addition, the middle knuckle on my right hand has become swollen.

I left a message with the rheumy advice line today - but I'm feeling anxious about what is going on (I'm probably overthinking things). Any other advice? (I've been doing LFT this week as I know some people have started with muscle aches but they have all been negative)