Sleep disrupted



I am having trouble getting into a comfortable position to sleep. Have just had two hips replaced, need two knees and a shoulder replaced - am on waiting list.

I have to sleep on my back, but with two pillows under me knees. I get to sleep alright but wake a couple of hours later and have to get up an move around. Try to sleep in my recliner chair for an hour, an go back to bed. I am averaging only around 3 - 4 hours a night.

Any suggestions ?


  • PeterJ
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  • Lilymary
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    Hi Kerrybee, I really struggled to sleep during the six weeks on my back after my hip replacement. In my case it was mostly due to restless legs, but also the post-op pain woke me quite often. As soon as I felt able to choose an alternative sleeping position, in my case 7 weeks post op, it all went back to normal.

    I'm afraid ultimately I just resigned myself to it, not least because I knew I didn't have to be alert the next day and had no plans other than gentle exercise and feeding myself, so it didn't really matter if I was a bit tired. I took pain relief as and when needed, and when I really couldn't sleep I just read to pass the time and to stop myself fretting about not being able to sleep. If I was going to have to be awake, I might as well enjoy it. If the restless legs got too bad I sometimes found getting up and going to the loo, or pottering round the house for a few minutes would help.

    I'm sorry this probably isn't what you wanted to hear, but it's for a limited time, and once you're past this grotty bit in the healing process, your sleep should improve.

    btw, I think you're heroic dealing with two new hips in one go. That's a tough recovery, but at least you only have to go through it all once. I hope your other surgeries come through soon. LM x

  • kerrybee
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    Thank you for your help. Reading at 3.00am seems to be normal now!