Having trouble getting a Priority PCR Kit?

Have you been advised by your Rheumatology team that you need to keep a Priority PCR kit at home in readiness?

Many of us have been going round in circles, trying to get one of these so that if we do catch the virus, we can get a quick result and be considered for anti-viral therapy.

Test & Trace have just changed their system. Requests for Priority PCR kits are now being handled by the Elective Care Team.

The website isn’t yet ready for such requests so you need to phone 119 and go through all the menus to speak to someone who handles requests for test kits. Ask them to transfer you to the Elective Care Team.


  • jennand
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    Thank you for this information. A while ago, I rang 119, I could have been talking Mandarin because the customer advisor just didn’t know what to tell me. He didn’t even know what I was asking him. I think he was working from home as when I suggested he ask someone who did know, he said he was on his own. Eventually he told me to ring my GP, but they told me to ring 119. ! Even rang my Rh nurse & she didn’t get back to me. Frustrating!

    I will ring again & ask for the correct department. Fingers crossed.

    update- after 45 mins listening to someone tell me my call was “important to us” I hung up. Obviously not important enough.