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Hi all hope you are all well. The reason I'm here is over the past few days when waking up and at night my right finger one next to little one has become stiff and sore and im wondering if oa could be starting in the finger and should i go to my gp or leave it a while and see if it goes away just don't need it at the moment either so any input greatly appreciated xx


  • stickywicket
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    If you have OA elsewhere it could be that.. If you regularly wear a ring on that finger it might not be helping. Try leaving it off for a while. You could ask your pharmacist if he or she could recommend a cream, bearing in mind any meds you might already take. Other than that, I think it has to be the GP.

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    Thanks @stickywicket yes I do wear a ring on that finger and sometimes can't get it off i will try and get to my gp 🤞

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