Balancing keeping moving and pain

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Hi from a newbie to the forum👋

I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my left knee 6 years ago, although there were certain things I couldn’t do I managed to keep up with exercise classes a couple of times a week (I used to love Zumba) and regular walks, easing off on these a bit if I had a flare up. I had occasional twinges in my right knee and knew that one day I’d probably have arthritis in that one too, however I was not prepared for how quickly this would escalate compared to my previous experience. Last summer I knocked my right knee quiet badly which I think resulted in the rapid progress of arthritis there. By October I was in constant pain, and x-Ray confirmed I now have stage 4 arthritis in both knees. I had my first hydrocortisone injections yesterday and I’m hoping they’ll help me to at least go for longer 30 minute walks soon as I want to improve my mobility and loose a bit of weight. My question is how do I know how far to push myself, if I’m in pain or my joints are stiffening up while I’m walking, should I just push through it?