Waiting to be called for a 4th dose of vaccine?

It’s quite a while past the stipulated 91 days since H and I had our 3rd doses and we hadn’t received an invitation to attend for the 4th/ booster shot so I went online and booked us in.

The information said that if you don’t have a letter from hospital or GP, you might not get vaccinated.

We don’t have these invitation letters, and the system is in such a state of flux at the moment, so I got all our ducks in a row - proof of CEV, proof of previous vaccinations etc - mostly printed off our medical records.

When we attended this morning, they did need to see our “evidence” - and were then happy to give us the vaccine.

If waiting to be called for a booster is making you anxious, being proactive might work for you too.


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    Hi @BettyMac

    I was in the same situation as you in that it was coming up to 12 weeks since my 3rd vaccine and I hadn't been contacted about a booster. I live in Scotland so it may be slightly different here. I contacted the Scottish covid vaccine helpline and the agent I spoke to was aware of the need for a 4th - booster - vaccine for the immunosuppressed and booked me in for the day after 12 weeks had passed from my 3rd vaccine. When I attended the vaccine site the staff member due to give me the shot called over her supervisor to check. The supervisor was aware of the need for a 4th vaccine for the immunosuppressed and also told me I was the first person in that category she had come across.

    So hopefully awareness of the needs of the immunosuppressed is getting through to the frontline services.

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