arthritis at base of spine

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Hi all, I think l have arthritis of the base of the spine. In a morning when I get dressed, I can't do my trousers up, and I am sure it's because my spinal area is swollen, it is also very painful. Has anyone else had similar problems?


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    Hello @pollyanna and welcome to the online community,

    You mention that you have a painful area at the base of your spine and are concerned that it may be arthritis. You have come to the right place for help and support . Numbers of our members have experienced back pain in different areas of their spine and have been diagnosed with various conditions, some of which are arthritis related. The key to finding out if it is arthritis related is to ask your GP to refer you to a specialist who will suggest xrays, scans etc to verify the problem. Then once you have a diagnosis they will suggest the way forward with treatments and medication.

    I attach some links which I hope will be helpful

    Many of us who are living with arthritis have found that gentle exercise within our capabilities has had a very beneficial effect not only on our condition but also on our mental wellbeing. Maybe a few gentle stretches whilst lying in bed first thing in the morning when you say that the pain is bad will ease your body into movement in a more gradual way. There are some stretching and fun dance videos on the VA website to access which many of us follow.

    So welcome to the community, we hope this has been useful and look forward to hearing from you again soon.

    Take Care


    If it would be helpful to talk to someone ring the Helpline 0800 5200 520

    Monday - Friday 9.00a.m. - 6.00p.m.

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    Thank you! It was really interesting what you said, I've been told ages ago that I had arthritis at both the top and bottom of my spine, but it hasn't hurt until now. I'm amazed that in a morning, my spine is swollen enough to make it impossible get my trousers on, to start with I thought " I can't have put that much weight on overnight!"

    I will ring the doctors, and see what they say, and let you know.

    I will look at the fun dance videos, sounds interesting, as well as the exercises.

    Take care everyone, look after yourselves