Xray and MRI


Good morning everyone, happy windy Friday.

I'm still processing my condition. I spoke to the hospital receptionist who told me my results are being typed up and I should get my letter by early next week. My GP has given me an overview of the results but I just want to see it in full detail.

I was wondering if it was normal that I had a xray on my hip in July 21 which showed there was nothing wrong, but my MRI in January 22 showed osteoarthritis in both hips? I think this is why it's such a shock to get this diagnosis. I honestly thought my problems where muscular and they weren't going to find anything. This is what my xray results said:

XR Pelvis :

No destructive bone lesion , fracture or joint arthropathy identified. The sacrum and sacroiliac joints are intact. The innominate bones are normal.

Is this unusual?