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Can you recommend an AIP recipe book that has worked for you?


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    I honestly can't recommend any recipe book that's worked for me. In fact, my RA deteriorated more than once when I was slavishly following an RA diet book. Just keep on with the DMARDS - they're what really help - and eat a healthy, Mediterranean-type diet. And don't smoke.

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    @Lizzyloo48 I don’t think any diet is a straight substitute for the immune-suppressant drugs we have to take.

    I hate the term Disease Modifying Anti Rheumatoid Drugs (DMARD).

    They do not modify the disease, ie, T cells mistakenly identifying your own proteins and killing the cartilage cells producing them.

    They just retard your immune system blindly, like a sledgehammer can retard a fast running Swiss watch, so you are vulnerable to any infection or evolving cancer, something your rheumy will explain if you press them.

    DMARD feels like a marketing term coined by pharma that’s far from the truth.

    They are a necessary evil that pharmas make $40bn a year, don’t cure you by addressing the cause, so a “forever” income, so no incentive to change.

    That said, you can change your diet to avoid making the problem worse, look up on youtube Dr Monica Aggarwal, a heart surgeon who has RA, started on MTX & that seems to have got lucky in managing it with help from a rheumy. She has a book & youtube videos on AIP recipes.

    I also recommend Prof Tim Spector’s lecture and book “Spoon fed” from your local library.

    You need to find a suitable rheumy to help you with the journey, and it may take months, blood tests & imaging to see any change from the diet before even considering changing the immune suppression.