The end of COVID restrictions and what it means for us


Hi everyone,

I have not been on this website for a few weeks but I am glad to be back and hope everyone is keeping safe and well and I have been catching up with the various posts, etc.

As the COVID restrictions are being removed as of this week and the Government has basically told everyone that they "have to live with COVID" it doesn't really help us the clinically vulnerable.

I went back to work full time after Easter last year after shielding and then my office furloughed me and upon returning to work my office strictly adhered to the COVID guidelines. That can't be said now.

I had my two vaccines plus the booster and the flu jab last year but how long are we protected for?

Apart from one or two us in the office who choose to still wear facemasks when walking around the COVID guidelines have gone out of the window and my office views on COVID is very lax to say the least. Some members of staff have gone abroad on holiday, which is their own choice I suppose. Two members of staff have not even been vaccinated at all and my office response to that was "that it was up to the individual when it came to being vaccinated".

COVID has not gone away and I am very careful with washing hands, keeping a safe distance etc and I do feel that all the clinically vulnerable people including myself in this Country have just been overlooked.

I know some supermarkets are still imposing the wearing of facemasks and they must commended although when I was in my local M & S the other day a member of staff was verbally abused as he was wearing a facemask. Shows what some people are like and he was only doing his job.

Stay safe everyone

Karen 🐹


  • Arthuritis
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    @Kazza52 I couldn’t agree more. We need a collective voice to speak on our behalf to govt as at present it only hears from big business lobbyists crying about their loss of profits. I am surprised the pharma industry with its expensive sales of biologic immunosuppressants to health authorities has said nothing, knowing that unrestricted covid will result in autoimmune deaths and therefore reduction in sales eventually.

    Unless the deaths are expected to be mitigated by more newly diagnosed autoimmune patients.