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Has VA made any representations on our behalf to Boris’ govt on the stress & risk about to be heaped on us by scrapping the self isolation rule?

England set to scrap self-isolation rules next week under ‘living with Covid’ plan, Boris Johnson confirms

Boris Johnson intends to repeal all pandemic regulations that restrict public freedoms in England when he lays out his vision for the future on Monday, Downing Street officials have said.

By the end of the week, self-isolation regulations will be scrapped for those who test positive and their close contacts.

Health chiefs have accused the Government of “ignoring” millions of vulnerable people across the country and warned that lifting all Covid restrictions is “damaging” and “premature”.


While big business suffering profit loss has been lobbying govt to drop restrictions, we don’t seem to have a voice who will speak on behalf of us, those in daily pain on meds that weaken our unbalanced immune system just to make life bearable, now we will effectively entering a biological warzone with no defence, and anyone with covid, a virus that kills, a license to spread it.

The fact that omicron is less of a killer than Delta is pure luck, alpha was less of a killer and didn’t spread easily, but that evolved into Delta which spread & killed faster, and there are no guarantees which way it will mutate, or as Prof Tim Spector says the charts have a “déjà vue “ about them.


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    Unfortunately the govt aren’t only not listening to vulnerable people they’re not listening to scientific or nhs doctors profit before people

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    Versus Arthritis has joined a coalition of 17 other charities known as the Shielding Coalition.

    The PM will shortly announce a Living with Covid-19 strategy where it may be that all current Covid-19 restrictions will be lifted. This is anxious news for shielding and immunosuppressed people.

    We have co-designed 5 principles to influence the PM and Health Secretary and we are calling for the Prime Minister and the Health Secretary to urgently hold a press conference, with scientists, to explain how their 'Plan for Living with Covid' will protect those who remain at risk from the coronavirus.

    You can view further information about this in our tweet here: Versus Arthritis on Twitter

    And here is the detail of of the 5 key tests as published on the MS Society web site.