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Hi all

Been on Meth and Benepali now for a couple of years but in the last 2 months I have had two infections of the mouth. I went to the dentist as I thought I had an abscess but they could not find anything even after x rays. Anyway this went on for a week or so and so I asked for and had a 5 day antibiotics course but it didn't help (clearly I should have stopped the meds) After this I insisted they took out the tooth that appeared to be causing the pain. Still no joy so I asked for a week long antibiotic course and this time I did stop my meds and it worked. 6 weeks later the infection is back, I have a blocked ear on that side and I have banging tooth ache so yet again i have come off my meds and started a 7 day antibiotic course and the pain has gone. It went the day I started the antibiotics. Now my problem is this, the dentist can't find anything wrong and the GP's are pretty useless. What do I do now as I cannot keep stopping my meds especially as i exercise rigorously twice a week. I either have to spend an hour or more on the phone trying to get a gp appointment or I have to leave a message on the Rheumy helpline at my local hospital. Bear in mind I am in S Wales and the NHS here is dismal.

My apologies as i forgot I started a thread on this back in Nov


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    @Maturecheese I would be surprised if you can find a Rheumy, let alone a lowly GP smart & dedicated and with enough time to figure out a solution to your problem.

    For the most part they are too scared & restricted from having any original thinking or using their head unless they have attained the title of Prof, and even so, often will just shrug or make some glib statement about treating the “defect” when it occurs. Modern medical training since 1910 is about which pharma product to tell you to go buy, not the cause or prevention.

    That said, a smart dentist still enthusiastic about their job might be more help.

    I had something similar and my dentist changed my daily dental routine and was effective. (Private dentist). I would def recommend a dental appointment focused on preventing re-infection.