Safety devices for falls alone at Home


what are cheap owned or pay as you go safety devices in case of a fall home alone on a tight budjet as only currently get £74 week UC diagnosed severe osteoarhritis PIPS just applied unknown outcome and 5 months wait minimum. Is a Watch and which how much need pay?

Please members first hand experiences and recommendations specific brands Due situation cannot purchase online likely buy Tesco Argos perhaps my home area.

i will of course ask Versus maybe they have such a device in their shop although online?



  • Ellen
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    Good Morning @GalaxyA12

    I wonder whether you have looked into whether you area does community alarms free?

    Not all areas do, but you might be lucky.

    Best wishes


  • jamieA
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    When my dad was in his later years and liable to falls he was provided with a system by his local authority social services that hooked up to his home telephone line. It was a speaker and microphone box linked to a pendant he wore round his neck. The pendant detected a fall but also had an alarm button to press. There was also a unit fitted to his shower room that linked back. If the alarm was triggered a call was made to a control centre and an agent would ask my dad to confirm he was ok. If no reply the agent would call the first in a list of relatives who would respond - or call the emergency services. My dad paid a set cost for this - I think it was £12 per month - but the local authority social services picked up the main tab.

  • Blueskyday68

    Get in touch with your local social services and see if they will come and do an assessment of your needs also speak to your GP about having an occupational therapist come in and see if any adaptions could be made to your home hope this helps

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    My family insist that, when I'm alone, I carry a phone round with me at all times either in a pocket or a bag slung over my neck.

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