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Hi and thankyou for allowing me to be part of the community. I am having problems with pain relief, my gp will only give me codeine/co codamol, and they do not work any longer. Has anyone got any advice on cbd for pain relief please


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    Hi @Catwen

    Welcome to our online community and thank you for asking for our support.

    You tell us that you are having difficulties with pain relief and that co-codomol doesn't work for you. You don't mention how or in which joints you are affected by arthritis so it is difficult to know where to best direct you for information. You ask specifically about CBD (cannabis oil) for pain relief - the VA website doesn't have much to say about cannabis oil but does observe that "there is currently not enough evidence to support using cannabinoids in reducing musculoskeletal pain".

    You can find more information about CBD and other complimentary treatments here -

    If you tell us a bit more about how arthritis affects you we will be able to support you better with other information about exercise, treatments etc.

    Very best wishes

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