Should you still exercise when having a flare up

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Hi should you still exercise when you're having a flare up my left knee is experiencing a flare up is it safe for me to do my strengthening and range of motion exercises thank you


  • Lilymary
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    I would ease back slightly on your exercises to let the inflammation settle down. Just gentle motion to keep the joints moving, that's all.

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    Hi Blueskyday68

    I have had these same thoughts myself. When I first started doing my physio exercises I was getting a slight ache in my groin area and on my shin on the same side as my knee osteoarthritis ( right knee ). I stopped doing any exercises for a couple of weeks until the aches eased up. I spoke to my physiotherapist who said that I may have overdone the exercising and if you need to ease up to do so.

    As they say, you need to be kind to yourself, which sometimes is easier said than done! It is very easy to think that you should carry on regardless, but they also say 'listen to your body'.

    Take care.

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    Thank you for your comments what sort of gentle motion do you mean I'm scared of losing all the muscle tone I have built up but walking is painful at the moment I'm using a wheelchair to help with everyday tasks but I still feel the need to walk I need some advice thanks you

  • Anaconda
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    I chose to stick with my job which can be quite physical and alot of walking rather than a desk job. I went to a 4 day week which gives me time to rest both my hips and knee. But with all this exercise im still left in pain and spend most of my shift in pain. I do take rest breaks which some times makes the situ worse. I take prescribed medication but in all honesty doesnt touch the sides.

    What can i do, i do question these new guide lines sometimes but we all act and respond differently i imagine