chilblains on toes-- connected to arthritis?


I keep getting chilblains on 3 of my toes- well I think that is what they are. after getting chilly the toes swell up, go painful and red and then when warmed up go blue.

I also have osteo arthritis in one knee, psoriasis, hypermobility.. am I hitting coincidence getting the toe thing or is it connected to other issues? its always same toes on one foot.

I am obviously trying to avoid cold toes but it doesn't take much to set them off.


  • stickywicket
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    I really don't know. My RA started with what my family thought were chilblains on my fingers but that was way back before central heating and we seemed to get chilblains regularly from toasting our cold feet at the fireside. I haven't had them for many years.

    I'd wrap up warm and do lots of foot exercises especially toe twiddling. Failing that, ask a doc. And maybe check out chilblains on NHS site.

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  • jamieA
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    I've had cold hands and feet all winter - I'm wearing thermal socks all day and night and wearing compression gloves and on top thermal gloves when I go out. I asked my GP about it and she said she thought it was due to the PsA and was common in arthritis sufferers. I've also had issues with pain in the balls of my feet and the underside of my toes and the rheumatologist I saw last week said this was due to bursitis.

  • N1gel
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    Ahh that's interesting!

    I have OA left elbow and prob left knee. My left fourth toe sometimes gives me excruciating pain like a chilblain on steroids if I don't get it into my boot just right (so I can wiggle it) but it's recently started throbbing first thing in the morning. I think it must be a circulation thing.

    My GP said 'see the podiatrist'🙄

  • sunnyside2
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    N1gel That is very similar to me! I have bad arthritis right knee, then really bad right hip pain, right ankle pain and these right toes pain. I did have a scan done of the circulation of that leg and they reckoned it is good so I am thinking maybe nerves? They x-rayed hip and said its not damaged and its likely because I am walking funny as knee so wrecked

  • purpleunicorn

    It sounds like it could be Raynauds? I have it (I think), in my hands and they get freezing cold, painful, and start to turn blue. It seems to co-exist with arthritis a lot, too.