I was diagnosed in oct after years of pain and swelling, some days i am in so much pain every movement i make, i dont sleep and suffer with fatigue, any help app.


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    Unfortunately, fatigue is part and parcel of RA. It sounds as if your current meds are not enough to control it. How long have you been on them? How are your blood tests? Has your rheumatologist suggested increasing the DMARDS. Perhaps you should contact your rheumatology helpline .

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  • Hi @Lesleyjean

    Welcome to the online community! It's great to have you here! I can see that you have RA- I'm sorry to hear this but the good thing is that you have a diagnosis which is usually half the battle! Now your journey starts and you will find that us lovely people at VA will be with you all the way! It can sometimes take a while and a bit of trial and error to find the treatment that is right for you but you will get there in the end.

    I'm not sure how much you know about your condition yet but we have some information here which can give you some of the basics about RA, and some ways to help you manage your lack of sleep and the fatigue that you are experiencing:

    Please do continue to look around the online community and join in where you feel comfortable- you will probably find that there are many wonderful members here who are willing to share their experiences and lend a listening ear.

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