PIPS applications experiences generally and for Osteoarthritis sufferers


community i have read all i can about PIPS have an application in really believe i will be instantly rejected unjustifiably as such a hurdle. I am informed min imum 12 weeks to get a likely to be Phone Assesment then 5 months waiting list reliably / informed for any decision. I was criticised by a social worker for saying i would use any PIPS to help with a personal Council chageable 325 per month alarm system and mobility a £4 taxi rarely as apposed to my regular 1.5 hour wait in a freezing draughty open bus shelter a rareity as currently i only have UC just £74 per week! Please what exactly in a nitshell is PIPS for and how do i get consideration having applied recently.

Who are the best independANT people organisation to guide me in thsi essential access to PIPS to survive and for medications ect i now need to purchase myself as not funded.

Thankyou for any experiences ect.


  • GalaxyA12
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    Council personal Safety alarm is £25 per month typing error.

  • Jona
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    Hi @GalaxyA12 ,

    There is a website called scope they can help also the citizens advice although I’ve heard are very busy as for personal alarms I believe they are no longer free you have to fund them yourself but I would check with your local council

    good luck

    Jona 😊

  • Mike1
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    PIP is designed to cover the additional costs inherent in being disabled, you do not just get it because you have a condition like OA.

  • William50
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    My wife and I have just received our Personal Alarms here under South Lanarkshire Council and they told us that if we paid monthly it would cost us £7.60 or over £90 a year, I dont know what other councils are on cost, but so far so good as long as you dont touch them incidently .😊

  • Fif
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    I used to be an advisor for Citizens Advice and it would be well worth a visit to get help completing Pip forms etc. The forms can be a bit daunting and applicants often underestimate their needs because most of us want to show ourselves in a positive light. An advisor can help with wording and give pointers on the sort of things it's helpful to include. If your current application is rejected you can get help with an appeal. Good luck.

  • N1gel
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    Totally agree with Fif about getting CAB on board - the PIP process is daunting and you might be taken to places you hadn't thought of but its totally worth it for the moral and financial support you can get if you're entitled. Always worth appealing.

    It helps CAB to be as prepared as possible - write everything down or get all the info together.

  • airwave
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    Age care (the name changed a while ago) were excellent and filled in the forms for my parents which were successful. 10/10.

    it’s a grin, honest!