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As much as I hate saying this, now that all restrictions have now been lifted I feel as though it is only a matter of time before I get the Covid no matter how careful I am.

As I’m sure all of you who are immunocompromised like myself have, I have been extremely careful to minimise the chances of contracting Covid so far and fortunately with a little bit of luck thrown in have remained Covid free so far.

I had my booster (4th jab) about seven weeks ago and will continue to be careful and vigilant as I am not anywhere near ready to resume ‘normal’ life whatever that is in these times. Having said that, I can’t help wondering in the absence of any knowledge when and if a further jab will be possible, whether I am currently as protected as I am likely to be for the foreseeable future and whether this theoretically be the best time or should I say the ‘least worst time’ to get Covid.

As I said previously, I am not going to go out and throw caution to the wind as I am still absolutely terrified of catching Covid and will hope for a second booster at some point and also pray for the availability soon of a proven Covid antiviral spray which I think could be a game changer for people like us.

I would be interested to know if anyone is feeling the same way as me so any thoughts would be really appreciated.



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    It is lousy. and I feel for the vulnerable with current lack of testing/isolation

    we do not fall into very vulnerable group but my husband does not get illness mildly- when he has caught things that are mild for other people he has ending up in hospital in serious condition so I am worried. He is diabetic so maybe thats why but for example a minor stomach upset resulted in him being in hospital on a ventilator for a week and in hospital for many weeks as it turned into sepsis and pneumonia. He is diabetic so maybe that is why .

    we are wearing ffp2 masks when go in shops etc and have doors/windows open when anyone here in our home. I don't think there is much more anyone can do.

    As someone so vulnerable remember you should be able to be prescribed the anti virals if you do catch it but have to be quick to take them- they are a real game changer I believe and have saved many.

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    I think I feel the same way, Elwyn. I had my 4th jab a few weeks ago and I feel I am as protected as I'm going to be. Plus the fact that there are more treatments available now has increased my confidence to a certain extent. I am (very cautiously!) starting to resume some social activities like meals out with a few friends. I am still careful - when eating out we have asked for a quiet table as far away from anyone as possible/gone early so there aren't many others there. But of course there's still a risk that one of my friends might be infectious. I'm not by any means ready to go back to pre-Covid 'normal' - I'm still working from home and have no wish to go back to the office, and thankfully there's no pressure from my employer. But I feel like I'm ready to dip my toe into things again while staying as safe as I can. I've booked to go to the cinema for the first time in 2 years this week and have booked a seat at the end of the row and booked two seats so no-one can sit next to me! I wear an FFP2 mask whenever I'm inside anywhere, shops etc. and try to keep my distance from strangers. If I go to a shop I try and go very early when It's not crowded. I've got a rheumatology appointment this week and I'm going to ask if they can say what my level of risk is - I suspect I'm just going to get vague waffle in reply!

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    I suspect you're right about level of risk. My last specialist appointment said it shouldn't be too bad. At that time I'd had three vaccinations. Two weeks later Omicron struck big time.

    I had my fourth jab just over a month ago and it's now two full years of being ultra-cautious, either shielding or going into selected shops at selected times - masked of course. One lunchtime drink outside in all that time. Not left the town where I live because I don't drive and have been reluctant to take public transport. Meeting the odd friend - distanced - in the street by chance. It's not possible to live like this for much longer. I've badgered my GP into giving me an antibodies test later this week. I know it's not the only way to determine protection but at least it will give me some idea of what is (comparatively) safe and what isn't.

  • Elwyn
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    Thank you for your comments, it is reassuring and really helps to hear how others are dealing with this really difficult situation we have found ourselves in.

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    Well, that may not have been the brightest idea I've ever had. Antibodies test result was negative. As I said above I know it's not the only measurement of risk but it's not exactly good news either.

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    Hi Elwyn. I have two autoimmune, RA being one of them. On MTX and steroids for 7 years. I choose not to have any jabs and have carried on as normal and I do not wear masks in shops. I have friends who have had 4 jabs, caught COVID and been real ill. One is still suffering and been off work for over two months. I caught COVID recently and I didn't know I had it to start with. Just had hot flush one night and tired one day and that was it. Obviously, you have to do what you feel is best but I was too concerned at reading how many folk had issues with their RA after what is still a trial jab. And I know several folk who've been tested like you and not got any antibodies and yet they suffered by having it. I am also questioning why you need to keep having so many jabs. I made my decision as I don't want to live a sheltered life not doing anything and not seeing friends. Living with RA is depressing and hard enough. But everyone needs to do what is right for them. I keep myself fit and healthy and eat well. I wanted to tell you from a non jabbed person. 👍 good luck