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I have recently been diagnosed with RA (which has been affecting my knees) but recently one of my knuckles has also become very swollen and so has been affecting my grip. I have been given a course of steroids to 'tide me over' until I get established on MTX (I'm seeing the nurse next Tuesday). I live by myself (I'm 37) but can anyone recommend easy to use bottle/jar opening aids? I've not had any awkward bottles/jars to open recently, so I'm just thinking ahead that it may be something I need....


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    I got this set from amazon last month

    Jar Opener 3 Pack

    They have lots of similar things on there but I've found it so helpful.

    I'm all for getting whatever you can to make your life easier. I also live on my own so it helps to have these kind of things so you can still do all the things you normally do at home.

    I also find arthritis compression gloves great for easing pain in your hands and you can get a pair for less than £10 now, I wear mine all the time.

    I hope the MTX works well for you 😊


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    My occupational therapist gave me a sheet of flexible, sticky, silicone type material which definitely gives a good grip when opening bottles. Unfortunately I don't know what it's called, but perhaps someone else might know.

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    Buy a jar opening aid, they look like a large bottle opener but made of plastic, it releases the vacuum made when hot contents are put into a jar and the lid tightened. There is also a metal contraption that two metal bars fit onto the lid and give you increased leverage to open the lid.

    for some jars an elastic band wrapped around the lid will give you traction enough to open it. Ring pulls can be problematic on cans, stick a screwdriver under the ring and lever it up.

    For most tins I use an electric tin opener, in the £10-£30 range.

    I find the biggest issue is plastic, opening delivery bags and cardboard as well, a keenly sharpened pocket knife is the answer, useful for supermarket goods as well.

    Changing wheels on the car is a no- no these days, especially with fewer spare wheels these days, so I rely on the breakdown services. I had a Kia Motobility car and had 18 punctures in three years, cheap tyres!

    its a grin, honest!

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    I've got this for opening ring pull cans - it's cheap and simple to use. I've also got the lid opener that @AmyAcorn suggested and I'd also recommend it.

    I'd recommend the compression gloves as well. I got them from Amazon - they are made by a company called Vitto.

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