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Morning all,

I have hip osteoarthritis diagnosed about a month ago and I can’t seem to get a handle in the pain, it is constant in one form or another.

for the past week I have been doing stretching exercises as suggested morning and night and tried to move a round more and even walked round supermarket but that was agony! I just want to ask if the aches and pains may feel worse for a bit as I have done zero exercise for ages and I’m probably stretching buts that haven’t been stretched for ages. I’m just really frightened that I will never get the pain to a place where I can cope with it. I find the heat from hot water bottles the most comforting. Painkillers not really helping and sleep? What is that?

sorry to moan


  • Brynmor
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    Hi @Snowbunny I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing strong pain because of osteoarthritis in the hip.

    Starting exercise when you haven't done much in a long while (yup, that's me!) can be quite a shock and your muscles and affected joints will all protest. The more you do, though, the easier it will become and my experience is that the body will get used to the new level of demand.

    Hot and cold compresses work well. Like you, I find a hot water bottle works, wrapped in a towel for aches that just need it. A good rule also is to "be kind" to yourself: although we have to exercise to help muscles cope with the strain, there are days when being more gentle and looking after yourself so as you can get to sleep is a priority!

    Do say how you are getting on and if things are getting worse or better!

    Best wishes.


  • Snowbunny
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    Hi @Brynmor

    thank you so much for replying, much appreciated. I will persevere! Best wishes

  • Fif
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    It will take a while to build up strength and become more flexible, but if you persevere and do a little every day, your muscles will start taking the strain and take a bit of pressure off your hip. It will also help you to regain mobility should you ever need a hip replacement. You certainly seem to have the right attitude and that's half the battle! Good luck.

  • Mike413
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    Start of slow and gentle and build exercises up over a period of time. Its easy to do to much exercise wise in the beginning and over do it. It takes time but you will eventually get there. I also found a walking stick help take the load of the bad hip. Best wishes.

  • Steve99
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    Try and find exercise/movement that suits you,and start gently. some of the exercises suggested by physio's dont always help. Pain relief doesn't always work for me either. Heat pads, deepheat, or for inflammation, ice packs/frozen peas can make a difference.

  • Blueskyday68
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    Hi snow bunny exercises important no matter where the osteoarthritis pain is it keeps us mobile and able to do everyday tasks always start off exercising gently and slowly and build up when you feel more confident and if you are on painkillers take them before you start to exercise this may help with the pain the versus arthritis website has some wonderful exercises for all the joints including the hips they are easy to follow and gentle they have definitely helped my knee pain hope this helps take care are and be kind to yourself

  • airwave
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    The idea is to find your limits and exercise within them, the limit may be low and the exercise of a lesser nature but it is still exercise and can be changed as your condition goes up and down.

    its a grin, honest!