My arthritis

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I was wishing for a better day but it never comes my way hope it will change

birds tweet in the sky crows fly by dreaming of a sunny day with no rain

I try and forget all about this stupid thing called arthritis

I can't get it away but instead have to live with it

hope u find a cure for the pain I feel every

written by Mary hennon ps let me know what u all think of my song


  • YvonneH
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    Hi @MaryH

    That's lovely, maybe this will tempt others with word skills to join in with lyrics, short stories, poems. The best place for this will be in the chit chat area so I will move it there.

    Looking forward to the next piece

    Yvonne x

  • MaryH
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    glad u liked it and thank u very it mean alot to me

  • Ellen
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    Well done Mary! A great song/poem it will resonate with many of us😊

    Thank you for sharing it with us.


  • MaryH
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    I am glad u like it and hope every one else Dus