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Hi I’ve joined here to meet people who have arthritis like myself. I find it can be isolating and non sufferers don’t really understand what it’s like to be in chronic pain. I’m hoping to find lots of self help things to aid me helping myself and not feeling such a victim of this horrible condition. I’m all about positivity and trying new ideas out. Hope to have some interesting discussions on here. Thanks for reading this, my first post.


  • Ellen
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    Hi @ClaireVickers54 welcome to the Online Community.

    I have to agree with you there is definitely the potential for chronic conditions to be isolating even more so when there is a pandemic like COVID going on.

    Having said that you have found this community now so there is no need to feel isolated at all because you can pop in here day or night to chat to people who do understand and are full of experience to share with each other.

    Between everyone there are so many useful (often free) tips we can share which can make life so much easier I have no doubt you have some to bring to the table yourself too.

    A positive attitude goes along way when living with Arthritis😊

    If you fancy it a lot of our members thoroughly enjoyed and got a lot out of these sessions aimed specifically at those of us who have the condition:

    Please do join in now wherever you feel comfortable you will be made very welcome.

    Best wishes


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    Hi @Redplanet54

    Lovely to meet you😊

    I am all about positivity too.

    Life with Arthritis can be isolating as people who don't have it don't always 'get it' they all seem to know someone who either had it and is cured or copes really well. This is such a great place to come and get information, offer and receive support as well as to vent or just 'speak to someone'.

    I hope you decide to hang around and join us regularly. No-one needs to be alone here.

    Take care

    Toni xx