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Hi. 6 months ago I was having pain in my buttock.An xray revealed moderate arthritis in both hips. The musculoskeletal team also said i had a problem with the Facet joint.Physio hasnt helped much .Does anyone know if the pain ,stiffness and weakness i get in my lower back is due to the facet joint or my arthritis? Thanks


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    Hi @rambler70_ ,

    I had a quick look in the VA website ( my ready referral when I’ve got any sort of pain!) and it seems that hip arthritis pain can often be felt in the buttocks. Have a read of this - it might tell you a bit more:

    Love Rina x

  • meljamima_1

    Hi, I have severe hypertrophy of the ligmenta flava and facet joints (amongst other things). For me this presents as a deep pain in my lower back, coccyx and seat area. I am very stiff, can't twist round, take normal strides or move quickly. I can't stand or sit in the same position for long.

    I also have DDD but that is mild and not giving me any particular issues.

    I hope this gives you an idea of what your pain could be caused by.

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    Hi @meljamima_1

    Welcome to the Online Community, it's great that you have joined us, and it's fantastic that you have made your first post one to support a fellow member who has pain in the buttock/lower back.

    I see you have hypertrophy of the ligament which runs inside your spine. As it thickens it can cause pain in the lower back and also the buttocks and may spread outwards. Degenerative disc disease is when some of the discs which sit in between the vertebra either shrink or bulge. You may be interested in some research Versus Arthritis is helping to sponsor in developing an injection into the discs which would be a better outcome than the present options

    There's not much help and advice we can give as it's not an arthritic condition although there are times, eg in ankylosing spondylitis when the spine is the main target of the arthritis. It also seems you are very clued up on your conditions

    Take care