Takasuye arthitis

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I am Yasir, I am from Pakistan My brother had Takasuye Arthitis 7 month ago he had blockage of renal artery and Doctor diagnosed by installing Stent in renal artery he became good for 3 months but now again he is feeling too much fatigue and feeling severe pain in his lower back nerves and after some steps he gets exhausted 😩 please help out what to do for him


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    Hi @Yasir welcome to the Online Community.

    We had to research the condition you describe as it is not one of the many forms of arthritis but an inflammatory disease of the large arteries - the correct name for the condition is Takayasu Arteritis.

    You can read more about this condition here:

    I do hope that you are able to help your brother, although it does sound as though a follow up appointment with the doctor is needed.

    All best wishes